Why you should not be afraid of Artificial Intelligence

“The 4th industrial revolution is a human evolution” means discussing how innovation is changing our habits, improving our life, steered by us.

The motto of the Reply Xchange 2018, their digital transformation yearly appointment, led us focus on the integration of AI technologies in daily life, as to free people from their monotonous and most time-consuming tasks.

Together with Creval, BNL, Banca IMI and Meritocracy, we took part in the Artificial Intelligence workshop as successful case studies, applying AI to finance and HR. Digital assistants and chatbots are the most renowned solutions: they’re capable of replaying human conversational interaction and natural language, by exploiting data and information conveyed by previous users, thus improving their capabilities in providing relevant answers.

As face recognition technologies are helping financial institutions for the client profiles authentication, and are already in use, profiles’ and CVs’ screening is part of an early diagnosis trend, which Meritocracy is applying to innovate the recruitment process, automatically matching job applicants’ skills to companies open positions.

The application of AI technologies in finance is particularly fruitful, especially in forecasting risky situations, as proven by MORE, modefinance’s methodology for the Credit Risk assessment based on the integration between AI, Fuzzy Logic and Game Theory, which led us become the first Fintech Rating Agency in Europe.

What about the future?

As Sebastian Thrun, founder of Google X and Udacity, pointed out “only 1% of all technologies has been invented”. In his speech, the pioneer of self-driving cars led us in a close future where wheel transports are replaced by flying cars and Air Taxi. Are we ready?

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