Welcome to s-peek 4.0!

s-peek 4.0 mobile app is now available

If you are reading this article, you may have recently noticed some changes in s-peek. 

In June we launched s-peek's new web app and in early August we also released the mobile app.

We can now officially say hello to s-peek 4.0!

s-peek 4.0 mobile app

What’s new?

We added new functionalities and redesigned the app to make it easier to use. 
In this article, you can find a detailed overview of all the features included. 

In short,

  • we have enriched the Credit Analytics section of Extended12M reports with new analysis items;
  • we fully revised the portfolio section and the sidebar menu to simplify the UX and the companies’ research;
  • we introduced the possibility of archiving reports and deleting notes no longer needed.

We have also revamped the blog following a new editorial line, which aims to turn this space into a valuable resource where you can find information, advice and inspiration to make your business grow.

The Credit risk section, enriched with new items

Where did the need for change come from?

s-peek has been the very first product developed by modefinance and the previous release dates back to 2016.

In the meantime, a lot has happened. We expanded our range of activities, we became the first Fintech Credit Rating Agency recognized by the European Union, and we developed new products.

In the meantime s-peek reached more and more users, who shared with us interesting insights to improve the app.

We have taken advantage of all the feedback collected over time and used them as groundwork for the development of the new app.

We could have added the new features without changing the app look. But we realized that it no longer reflected the experience we aim at providing and the path we have undertaken over the years. 

It was time to refresh the app. We changed fonts, updated icons, chose lighter colors and opted for a minimal design, which better reflects what s-peek aims to be: a transparent, useful and intuitive tool for the companies' growth and soundness.

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