The new s-peek homepage is now online!

A new s-peek homepage with a more functional design

There is important news on the s-peek front: the new homepage is now online with new features for you to discover.

We have come up with solutions to make the new s-peek homepage more functional and easy for the users using our service. To view the latter version of the homepage, you can go to the s-peek website or continue reading this article to discover all the new features we have introduced.

Not yet familiar with s-peek and not sure how to use it? Don't worry: the guided tour takes care of it.

Among the new features we have thought of for s-peek, we have paid further attention to the user and his needs: for this reason, we have introduced a guided tour to help new users navigate the web app and guide them through the discovery of s-peek. In less than a minute, you will be able to discover all the features offered by the service.

Access the private area and complete your profile directly from the homepage

It is now even easier to access your profile settings because, from today, you can find the settings and preferences section on the homepage. In this section, you can complete your profile data to buy credits, access your invoices, change your s-peek settings and manage your labels to make it easier to find reports in your portfolio.

Get reports at a discount when you buy credits.

Another feature introduced on the new s-peek homepage is the credits section, where you can see how many credits you have available and which credit packages you can buy on the s-peek service. Thanks to the credit packages, you can purchase the reports of the companies you are interested in at a lower price. The available packages are of different denominations, with discounts increasing as the package size increases: For instance, if you buy a 50 credits package, you can buy up to 2 Extended reports and 10 Flash reports at a saving of 13%, compared to purchasing the reports individually from the mobile app.

Need help?

Can't find any information or need to contact us with questions or reports? Now you can find all the references we use to assist s-peek users in using our services more easily directly on the homepage.

Header and feauters of the new s-peek homepage

It's available a new report view

If, on the other hand, you are not yet familiar with the types of reports that you can purchase on s-peek, and are having difficulty finding the information on the site, don't worry: from now on, the information you need is even more accessible. You can click directly on the type of report you want to discover to get the information you need to understand which one is most suitable for you, the costs and what data it contains. You can also find an example of the Flash and Extended reports in this section: it allows you to understand what the display of the report looks like.

View of reports on the new s-peek homepage

Still doubtful? Would you like to test s-peek for free? We remind you that when you registered on s-peek you received three free credits with which you can purchase up to 3 Flash Reports. Log in to the s-peek web app and check it now on the new homepage to see how many free credits you still have available!

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