Sustainability and innovation allied to business: what solutions for the high energy price?

What innovative and sustainable solutions for high energy prices?

Needless to get too far ahead of ourselves: since March, with the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, galloping inflation is putting in difficulty for businesses and households. The numbers of high energy prices in Italy are worrying: from October 2021 to September 2022, there was a +91% increase in electricity costs, and a +70.7% increase in gas costs, compared to the previous period from October 2020 to September 2021. Moreover, the forecasts speak of a further +15% for energy and +20% for gas, for a total of +965 per household in 2022.

Numerous tricks are depopulating the web to save on electricity and gas - did you ever think you don't need to keep the gas on to finish cooking pasta? -. In this article, we want to pose an even more interesting question: what if ESG issues were part of the solution? 

ESG: the way to long-term savings

ESG issues are increasingly present within the life of companies, which are no longer evaluated solely from an economic and financial point of view but also based on their attention to environmental, social, and governance issues. Moreover, because of high energy prices, not only this focus makes companies more attractive. ESG criteria also prove to be an excellent ally for all companies struggling with galloping inflation.

How is this possible? 

There are 11 days to go until the end of CrowdFundMe's equity campaign dedicated to the project of an innovative start-up, which has already raised 126% investment, totaling €251,950,000, or 2.1% of equity. The company has patented a 100% green system that can heat and sanitize rooms without using a heating system. What better news gave rising gas costs, considering all the tricks depopulating on the web to save on bills? But let's see in more detail which company it is and how it is doing financially.

OLMAR SRL: an alternative way of heating

Specializing in producing electrical appliances that sanitize, purify, and heat rooms, the Padova-based company Olmar Srl entered the market in 1957. In this way, it has established itself in the domestic heating sector, albeit with an alternative feature: technological research to make its systems greener. During the 1980s, the company was a leader in gas stoves. In recent years the company has switched to radiant panels for stoves that do not require the traditional heating system but heat, purify and sanitize rooms thanks to the far infrared rays (FIR) absorbed by the panels, without combustion or emission of smoke and dust.

Thanks to its patented technology, Olmar s.r.l. has obtained an A rating in 2021

Up two classes from the previous year, it proves to be very solid economically and financially and demonstrates resilience following the health emergency of recent years. As reported in s-peek's EXTENDED12M Report, the company recorded a turnover of EUR 748.2 thousand, up 27.04% compared to 2020, and a sharply growing profit that now amounts to EUR 63.43 thousand.

As far as solvency is concerned, i.e., the ability to repay its financial obligations in the medium to long term, the company proves to be extremely solid and above the sector average, while liquidity and profitability remain balanced. Finally, the company closed 2021 with a +120,000€ EBITDA, confirming its ability to generate income based on its core business. 

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