speek's magnifier: Esselunga

Its founder Bernardo Caprotti passed away a few months ago, but still, Esselunga remains a trending company: 2016 closed with a 3,1% growth, at 7,5billion euros. Revenues are aligned with the market, the gross operating surplus is growing but the operating and the net profits are dropping, due to the property market slowdown.

Its financial standing is improving: reducing the debt from 116 to 55million euros, growing the clients with a +4,4%, thanks to the new openings and to the sales.

Esselunga remains Italy's benchmark in the large retailers world: it has the highest sales rate per meter, 16.000 euros, versus the market's average, 8.150 euros.

MORE Scoring

The MORE methodology is owned and used by modeFinance to evaluate companies. It's a strict and regulated scientific procedure: https://cra.modefinance.com/en/methodologies/companies.

modeFinance is a certified European Credit Rating Agency.

The MORE evaluation is positive: BBB. There are no negativities, net profit is 262million euros and the MORE credit limit is 30million euros.

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