s-peek Team: work easier, work better, share

s-peek Team represents the collaborative evolution of s-peek: starting today it is possible for you to create a group, the Team, and invite people and colleagues to join it. In addition to get the access to the financial information of all European companies, have trustworthy Ratings, Credit Limits and public negativities of any company, you can now share comments, analysis and notes, to more effectively work together and integrate comparisons and decisions within the app.

No email clutter, no documents attached, no backlog messages: time saved, efficiency improved.

Reports and notes are shared privately among team members, safely, without compromising future work decisions, and assuring the absolute credibility that the information provided are the result of the latest Machine Learning and Big Data technologies developed by modefinance. Thanks to MORE infact, modefinance is able to evaluate any company in the world.

Team members can comment and analyze their portfolio’s company data by comparing it with their colleagues, directly on the app, and collaborate on a better industry analysis.

In the Credit Risk Analytics section, you can also visually compare the companies on the main financial and annual data, thanks to the use of clear and explicit charts. 
All the data we are interested in, can be uploaded and downloaded through CSV files, as well as the Reports as PDFs:

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