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What does it mean for you sharing information within your business team?

Günter Schabowski is remembered as the person responsible for the fall of the Berlin Wall, having wrongly stated that the German Democratic Republic’s rules for travelling abroad had been revoked with immediate effect. The information he had received was written on a slip of paper: “Rules for travelling abroad varied. Information will follow”.

The Berlin Wall went down because the information was not shared properly.

The advantage of sharing information

E-mails, phone calls, meetings, conferences, chats, conversations with colleagues...nowadays data and information are conveyed in different ways, but they often get lost among attachments, files, and messages, that do not always reach the right recipients. The importance of managing the flow of information efficiently is not just a matter of convenience.

Think of how many projects require different colleagues’, departments’ and even external partners’ cooperation: processing data within a shared platform not only simplifies their collaboration, but also enables in-depth analyses, driving better results in less time.

s-peek Team, work easier, work better, share

Assume to run into a feasible supplier at a business fair. In addition to the information they give you, you may want to examine the company’s financial situation, verify its creditworthiness, ascertain its positioning on the market, and discuss the opportunity of a partnership with a colleague.

s-peek Team is modefinance’s digital solution for sharing companies’ economic and financial evaluations.

s-peek Team is the evolution of s-peek and allows you to share credit ratings and companies’ financial data within a team, which can access the information without purchasing the report privately. The selected companies are included in a shared portfolio provided with a Credit Risk Analytics section (here), which allows you to compare and analyze the data of your portfolio directly in app. Any comment, note or analysis can be written down in the note section and can be shared with the whole team or just a few members. Last but not least, s-peek Team is available for both desktop and mobile, so you can access all the information anywhere and anytime.

For more information, please visit the s-peek Team page.

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