s-peek’s magnifier: YOOX Net-A-Porter

Everything seems ready for YNAP (the YOOX and Net-A-Porter luxury e-commerce group): Richemont, the Swiss luxury giant, has already presented its tender bid offer, and YNAP’s board gave the ok.

We will therefore see greater technological and team investments, maintaining group’s independence as for the growth and market choice.

The 2016 turnover stood at 1.87million euros, and the 2017 figures will certainly show a marked increase, thanks to the significant growth of the global e-commerce sector. Shareholders' equity decreased slightly, going from over 2million euros to 1.93, but the turnover and the gross operating margin are more than doubled compared to the previous year.

The YNAP group thus proves to be firmly above the sectoral average, in what is considered by many to be among the leading markets in the world.

MORE Scoring

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The MORE score gives a good result: BBB.

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