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2016 has been a golden year for Reply, and the balance sheet confirms it.

Being Reply’s president, Mario Rizzante says that digital has taken over the world of work: "2016 has been a year characterized by major changes within companies: there is no industry, processing or service that no longer stays out of this reality, redesigning any single work phase from a technological and digital point of view”.

Consolidated turnover grows up to 780million euros, with a net profit growth of 19%. Gross operating profit also saw significant growth, from 98.7 to 106.4 million euros. The proposal to distribute a dividend of 1.15 euros per share was approved, as well as a new buy-back plan, at 0.52 euros.

The Reply group remains among the strongest B2B players in Italy, offering a diverse range of digital solutions, from digital consulting to the integration of advanced solutions and innovative services.

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