s-peek's magnifier: Cedrata Tassoni

It’s one of the most interesting family- and woman-run Italian company, renowned for one of the most long-running commercial advertisement of the italian television history and for its catchy jingle.

For sure Cedral Tassoni, producer of the namesake cedrata, is not an ordinary company.

Founded in 1793 as pharmacy, this 100% made in Italy company has just celebrated its 225th anniversary. Headquartered in Salò, on the lake Garda, it has never deployed the production abroad and it uses for its Cedrata only cedars coming from Italian plantations.

Since 2009 the company is run by Michela Rendini Tassoni, who also holds the 75% of the capital equity. She is Paolo Amedei’s great-grandson, the entrepreneur who in 1884 purchased the pharmacy from Nicola Tassoni and converted it into the first industrial distillery of cedar-tasting drinks.

The company’s revenue for 2017 amount to 9.36 million euros and has constantly grown since 2015.

As the CEO Elio Azzardo declared, Cedral Tassoni follows a self-funding strategy, which is also confirmed by the company’s financial statement which shows any short- and long-term debts.

Today Cedral Tassoni is a healthy and competitive company, as also the sector comparison proves: its financial profile and its revenue capacity are much above the average.

MORE Score

The MORE methodology used by modefinance for company evaluation is rigorous and accurate: https://cra.modefinance.com/it/methodologies/companies. modefinance is a Certified European Credit Rating Agency.

The MORE score is excellent: AA. No negativities are known, net profit is of 671 thousand euros and the MORE credit limit amount to 480 thousand euros.

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