s-peek’s magnifier: Brembo

Receiving the Automotive Hall of Fame in Detroit, Alberto Bombassei, Brembo CEO, is the ninth Italian to be included in this prestigious award list, after names such as Enzo Ferrari and Giorgetto Giugiaro.

His presidency has shown an amazing growth last year: 2016 has closed more than positive, with a turnover of 2.3 million euros, +10% over the previous year. 

Both EBITDA and EBIT are positive, at 443.7m and 327.5m euros respectively, with significant investments both in innovative processes and in the opening of new strategic facilities around the world, which weighed 260.7m. The proposal to distribute an ordinary dividend of 1 euro per share was approved.

MORE Scoring

The MORE methodology used by modefinance for company evaluation is rigorous and accurate: https://cra.modefinance.com/en/methodologies/companies.

modefinance is a Certified European Credit Rating Agency.

The MORE score gives a good result: A. 
No negativities are known, net profit is strongly growing, up to 30.8% over the previous year, at 240.6million euros and the MORE credit limit is 15.8million euros.

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