s-peek makeover

New look and new features for s-peek web app.

A new design for the web app

New font, new icons, new design. Today we launch s-peek new web app, with a new look and new features. To see it, just click here and log in from desktop with your account.

s-peek new dashboard

New features

The new design is definitely the most eye-catching change, yet not the only one.

In s-peek new version we made lots of small and big changes to meet clients’ most frequent requests and to improve the user experience of the web app.

Here the most relevant ones.

Rating assessment

Credit ratings used to be indicated only inside Flash and Extended12M reports. Now, along with s-peek traffic light, companies’ ratings are shown also in the portfolio (only by purchased reports), allowing you to immediately check companies’ economic and financial balance.

Updates notification

Updates in s-peek’s new web version are notified by an alert on the company card next to the last update. A button on the right specifies whether you need to purchase the report again o simply download the update for free.

Extended12M reports: new ratios

The credit risk section of Extended12M reports has been enriched with new items. The rating analysis shows the ratios observed in the evaluation of the company’s solvency, liquidity, profitability and interest coverage capability. The ratios’ credit score is calculated by comparing the company’s values with the average values of the same sector and country.

The credit risk analysis in Extended12M reports


You don’t need to supervise a company anymore? You can now remove it from your portfolio and file it under “Archived companies” in the sidebar menu. Archiving a company does not delete the report nor interrupts automatic monitoring (for Extended12M reports only).

The archive icon is displayed in the first information box of the report, alongside the company name. If you don’t purchase any report, the icon will be replaced by a bin which removes the company from the dashboard. You can always add it again in your portfolio by entering the company name or VAT number in the search bar).

New filter: filter by rating

Now you can also filter the companies in your portfolio by rating. The new filter allows you to select companies according to their financial health and joins other existing filters: name, type (report free, FLASH or Extended12M) and label (customer, supplier, partner, etc.).

What’s next?

If you are wondering if is that all, well no, not exactly. The web app was only the starting point. In the following days we will launch the new version of the mobile app and you will notice other little changes, designed to make s-peek easier to use and to provide you always more information and tools to protect your business.

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