s-peek: the tricks you didn't know about

How to save money on the purchase of reports

Some s-peek features allow you to save money on purchasing reports. Here are three strategies you can apply to.

Buy credits instead of reports

The most convenient way to buy s-peek reports is to use credits. Credits do not expire and can be purchased in different amounts; the higher the amount, the lower the cost of each report. For example, by buying 20 credits, the price of a Flash report drops from €1 to 85 cents.

Take advantage of free Extended12M report update

From September to November is the best time to purchase an Extended12M report. Most of the companies have filed the annual financial statements, and the credit evaluation updating process is almost completed. To date, s-peek updated the creditworthiness evaluation of over 900,000 Italian companies. Furthermore, Extended12M reports are updated free of charge for 12 months; by purchasing now an Extended21M report, you will be able to free download the report update in October 2021.

Share reports within s-peek Team

If you need to share s-peek reports quickly and easily with your working team, there is a better way than exchanging emails with a thousand attachments. By accessing s-peek Team you can share credit ratings and financial data within a team of users. Credits are shared  with all team members, who will access a shared portfolio; a much cheaper way than buying reports individually.

It is also worth mentioning the s-peek Team includes the Credit Risk Analytics section, which allows you to analyze the composition of the company portfolio, such as the distribution by rating class and the performance over time of the main areas (solvency, liquidity, and profitability).

The Credit Risk Analytics section allows you to perform credit risk analyses, helping SMEs, which do not often dispose of credit risk analysis tools and resources, to systematically analyze the economic performance of suppliers, customers, competitors, and business partners. You can also analyze specific groups of companies to identify crisis warning signs, spot issues in the supply chain, or assess companies' performance over time. Implementing a business plan based on accurate credit risk analyses is the best way to prevent unexpected losses.

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