s-peek 5.0: a brand new web app

Welcome to s-peek new web app!

We have been working together with Donux designers and Enbilab team on a complete review of s-peek's web app. Starting from your feedback, we questioned every detail to define a new user experience. Click here to access the new web app, or continue reading to discover the new features.

From semaphore to rating classes

With the new release, we say goodbye to one of s-peek's hallmarks: the semaphore. Instead,  you can now find the notches that make up each risk class.

More detailed company's cards

You can now find some key information about the company on Extended12M report cards:

  • rating
  • turnover
  • the black record's flag

By switching from a horizontal to a vertical view, we have been able to enhance the summary function of the cards by increasing the amount of information on the company. Besides, the new layout makes it easier to notice out-of-date reports and updates. 

The reports: Flash or Extended12m?

s-peek offers two types of reports with different levels of information depth. 

You are probably already familiar with the FLASH reports, but you never found enough information about the difference with Extended12M reports (first time on s-peek? You have 3 free credits to download your first report).

That's why we have redesign FLASH reports in the same way as Extended12M ones; no more leap in the dark, you can now choose the degree of detail of the report according to your needs.

The account area

The private area has also been completely redesigned, starting with the access menu; account data, available credits and all invoices have been reorganised in a new area you can access to from the profile icon on the s-peek homepage.

Beauty is in the details

We've listed the main new features here, but you'll probably notice a few other small changes, designed to make s-peek easier to use and provide you always more tools to protect your business.

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