Presenting s-peek at Finovate Europe

Last week the modeFinance team went on stage in London, at the Finovate European event.

It was an amazing chance to present s-peek to the European (and global) market for the first time: as we thought, it was a success!

Born in 1995 from the intuition of Jim Bruene, an American banker who first developed online banking platforms, Finovate company raised more than 30 events globally, reaching the entire fintech system. Started from the Big Apple, expanded internationally in London in 2010, and in Hong Kong in 2014, the two-day conference series is focused on financial and banking technology innovation, bringing together all the best businesses in the same spot.
Fifty companies, one stage, one 7-minutes speech to attract a thousand targeted audience, including bankers, bloggers, startuppers, journalists and investment agencies.

After a short introduction about modeFinance, our CEO started showing off s-peek, both on the web and on mobile, with a live demo on how to use it.

Dedicated to SMEs, freelancers and professionals, s-peek is a valid solution to discover the financial reliability of any partner, supplier or client you work with, to avoid economic problems and make a more informed decision or choice.

Companies from all over Europe are rated and can be discovered for free with our unique three-colours scale, on a freemium model. And -guess what- we had some free credits for anyone interested in trying s-peek on a deeper level (complete client-tailored reports).

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