Exceeding expectations: modefinance's results are up sharply

Another largely positive year with +50% growth for modefinance

Good news! modefinance, owner of the MORE (Multi-Objective Rating Evaluation) methodology behind s-peek, closes 2021 in clear growth.

The end of 2021 brought results we are proud of: in fact, a 328% increase in net profit was seen, which now amounts to EUR 1.4 million, while revenue increased by 68%, the ebidta amounted to 2.6 million and equity amounts to EUR 2.7 million, showing an increase of 97%.

The rating issue confirms CRA's growth

The activity of assessing the creditworthiness of companies and banks confirms the results obtained: the issuing of credit ratings alone, in fact, led the revenues from this activity to grow by 126%. For basket-bond projects were issued a total of 142 ratings, a figure that confirms modefinance as the leading Italian player in terms of minibond rating issues. Of the total ratings issued by the agency, eight were public, 134 were private, 84 were new, and 50 were monitoring. In 2021 modefinance also introduced ECAI (External Credit Assessment Institution) ratings, massive unsolicited ratings that allow the assessment of entire bank portfolios within 1-2 weeks with an automatized process thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Data Science solutions.

Excellent results for other modefinance solutions

Tigran Risk Platform, a cloud-based solution modulated on the specific needs of the banking client, customizable, and able to cut down the timeframes associated with traditional rating activities, is to date a patented and UIBM-registered technology, which can automate part of the risk assessment process and streamline customer and supplier monitoring activities. Here again, the results are not trivial: 2021 saw revenues related to the platform grow by 60%, thanks in part to the contribution of the nascent modefinance international. modefinance international's launch has enabled the company to introduce its know-how globally, focusing mainly on the MENA region (Middle East, Africa, and Asia). In this market, Tigran becomes a support for credit risk management, customization of scoring models, and management of data involving over 300 million SMEs and more than 65 thousand banks worldwide.

And what about s-peek? The web and mobile application that allows the evaluation of customers and suppliers achieved +15% in revenue over the previous year, confirming its versatility and accessibility. 

A parallel human growth

2021 was also an important year from the point of view of human capital, as the CRA (Credit Rating Agency) launched a recruitment plan with a focus on young people and gender equality: not by chance, the workforce grew by 30%, of which 34% are women only, while the average age is 34.

A big step forward for the company, which has increased its partnerships by 35%, and which, not by chance, has obtained an AA Rating, up by two classes compared to the previous year. In fact, by checking on s-peek the economic-financial situation of the certified Rating Agency, it is possible to confirm its solidity also from the point of view of solvency, liquidity, and profitability indicators.

Are you ready to discover the new products and innovations of the Fintech Rating Agency?  

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