Credit management for SMEs: s-peek's API

How to manage credit risk with s-peek's API

  1. A food e-marketplace aims at providing its users with a tool to assess the reliability of customers and suppliers.
  2. A construction material wholesaler wishes to monitor clients' financial condition from its accounting software
  3. A crowdfunding start-up is looking for a tool  to assess companies' creditworthiness to be included in its platform 

What do they have in common? No, none of them use s-peek's app.
But they all integrated its functions via API into their operating system.

API, i.e. how to effortlessly expand software's functionality

APIs are programming tools that allow different applications or programs to interact with each other. They are code sets that describe a specific operation, which developers can embed to other operating systems without having to program it again. The spread of APIs has streamlined developers' daily activities, reducing platform development time and allowing them to easily expand their functionality.

s-peek's API for risk management

All s-peek features are available via API: from the semaphore to FLASH and Extended12M reports.

The food e-marketplace, the building materials wholesaler, the crowdfunding start-up: they are all real examples of how s-peek can be integrated into your operating systems or provided as additional service to your customers.

s-peek's APIs provide important information on the soundness of commercial counterparties and allow the integration of credit risk management functionalities into your corporate platform. Even companies that do not have a dedicated credit department can thus develop prevention strategies to limit unexpected losses, reducing trade exposures to riskier counterparties and monitoring creditors' economic and financial health.

The integration of s-peek via API has no additional cost. For more information or to access the services via API, please contact customer service at

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